Real Estate Regulations in Southwest Florida: What You Need to Know

When it comes to real estate purchases in Southwest Florida, there are a variety of zoning regulations that must be taken into account. Each property has been assigned a specific zoning category, which can be viewed in the Find My Zoning app, Lee County Spatial Information System (LeeSpins), or at 1500 Monroe St. The minimum standards for real estate development, except where indicated as a maximum, must be met. This includes the minimum open space required in a development under common ownership or unified control, or within a subdivision. Elements of transition between types of use can include, but are not limited to, changes in housing types, variations in building height, increases in building setbacks and separations, orientation of buildings, and location of open spaces.

An additional 25 percent of a PDD's local streets may end up in a dead end pursuant to a type 2 exemption request approved by the BCC. Commercial uses will be intended only for temporary residents in the RVPD, with the exception of a permanent real estate sales office for the sale of land for motorhomes located within the RVPD. A permanent real estate sales office for motorhome land can be located along with an accessory management office in a recreation room. It is allowed to divide into zones a legally registered lot in which part of the property is divided into IPF zones, in part, and the AGR-PUD reserve area, in part, in accordance with the FLUE Policy, 1.5-t and art. An exception will be allowed in accordance with FLUE's 1.5-c policy, while Delray Lakes Estates, Willis Glider Port and Snow Ranch Estates (a). The types of development addressed in this chapter include those that are promoted through the plan's Managed Growth Levels (MGTS) system.

If there is a conflict between this section and other sections of this Code, the provisions of this section will apply to the extent that the conflict arises. In accordance with art., the temporary use of a real estate sales and management office in a PDD or TDD is allowed. A minimum of ten percent of residential housing in a PUD that exceeds this threshold must be of a second type of use. Temporary structures, such as construction trailers, motorhome sites, real estate sales offices and security rooms, can be allowed subject to the provisions of art. It achieves compatibility with the existing residential development pattern in the surrounding area and, at the same time, promotes the remediation of the historical imbalance in land use in that area through additional non-residential uses and residential support for other non-residential projects. All lots must have an average width and depth that are consistent with the Delray Lakes Estates PUD lots.

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